Artificial Leaves

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Mini Orchid Plant

D2515 Artificial Leaves

D2094 Artificial Green Leaves Bunch

D1287 Artificial Variegated Ficus Leaves

D1287 Artificial Ficus Leaves

D2055 Red Mapple Artificial Leaves

D2056 Red Maple Artificial Leaves

D406 Artificial Shaded Maple Leaves

D2460 Artificial Crotan Bush

D2311 Artificial Saflora Plant

D1867 Artificial Money Plant Creeper Leaves

D2455 Monsteria Artificial Leaves

D1090 Bamboo Artificial Leaves

D2516 Artificial Bamboo Leaves (Out of stock will be avaiable in January)

D1648 Artificial Rose Leaves

D1617 Artificial Matt Fajkus Leaves

D1786 Artificial Green Leaves

D1783 Artificial Leaves

D1620A Artificial Cut Leaves

D1502 Amrood Artificial Leaves

D415 Artificial Leaves


Minimum order quantity should be 50 pieces.
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